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Eyebrow Soft Powder Ombre', Nano Shading Class

Course Details
  • Course Hours:

  • 132 Hours.

  • Total Cost: $2500 – includes tuition, books, training supplies.

  • Attendance: Full-time: 10a.m.-7 p.m., Monday-Saturday. Approximately 1 month to complete.

  • Student can make their own schedule

  • Live model

  • Blood-borne certificate 

  • Certificate 

Course overview

1. Permanent or Semi-Permanent Makeup: the process of beautifying the face by inserting or implanting facial cosmetic pigment or color under the surface of the human skin or mucosa with a needle, by a micro blade, or other means, to produce a permanent or semi-permanent mark visible through the skin on the client’s face including, but not limited to the application of pigment on the eyebrows, eyeliner, eye shadow, lip color, cheek color, and facials scars. Permanent or Semi-Permanent Makeup is limited to the client’s face does not include services to any area other than the client’s face.
2. Facial cosmetic pigment implantation: another term for permanent makeup.
3. Client’s face: the area above the client’s jaw line and anterior to the ear and
frontal hairline.
4. Microblading, Microstroking or Microhairstroking: included in the definition of permanent makeup for the purpose of these rules.
     Permanent makeup does not include pigmentation of areas involving reconstructive surgery or trauma, re-pigmentation of the areola, and/or body art or tattooing. 
     Training Requirements for Semi-Permanent or Permanent Makeup
   Completion of 132 contact hours of training must be completed. The training must include at least the following course topics:

  • cleaning

  •  sterilization

  •  disinfection and safety

  •  skin analysis

  •  equipment and supplies

  •  color theory and effects

  •  client consultation

  •  application of pigment.

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