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Esthetics Manicure Combo

Course Details

  • 800 HOURS

  • Attendance: 10.a.m-7p.m : Monday to Saturday 

  • Approximately 7 months to complete.

  • Students can make their own schedule

The Esthetics-Manicure Combo program at Couture Beauty Academy consists of 800 hours of curriculum to
satisfy Texas State requirements which is a combination of theory and practical lessons.
The average time to complete the 800 hour course on a part-time basis is 9 months. Full Time 7 months.

Classes have time dedicated to the study of theory
and engage in hands-on practical work.
This program is designed so that the classes correspond with one another.
Meaning what you learn in each class will be applied to the remaining classes and also on to the clinic floor
performing services to the clientele.
Successful completion of the Esthetics-Manicure Combo Course will prepare you for work as:
● Esthetician/Clinical Esthetician
● Research Assistant
● Make-up Artist
● Hair Removal Specialist
● Spa Manager or Owner

● Cosmetic Buyer Manufacturers’
● Manicurist
● Nail product demonstrator
● Pedicurist
● Nail salon owner or manager
In order to receive a diploma, be considered a graduate, and be eligible for the State Board Examination, the
student must:
• Complete the required hours of training.
• Maintain satisfactory progress requirements per the criteria of the Satisfactory Progress Policy.
• Take a final examination on all practical procedures, and a written examination-- having a score of
not less than 75%.
• Fulfill all financial obligations to the school.
Upon graduation a diploma will be awarded. Certification of hours will not be provided until all tuition
charges have been paid in full.

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