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  • Course Hours: 

    • Offering 750 Hours​ of training as mandated by the Texas Department Licensing Board, our Esthetics program covers the core competencies required of estheticians, including facials, hair removal, and makeup application.

    • Tuition: $9,000 ($12 per hour)

    • Digital learning site and print : $350

    • Make up Kit, and  Skincare Supplies, school uniform: $1,200

    • Permit and enrollment fee : $150

    • Payment plant accept for 6 months with 30% pay at first month

    • Attendance:

  • Full-Time Esthetician Day Program ​
  • Monday – Friday 9:30am – 3:30pm
  • Full-Time Esthetician Night Hybrid  Program  
  • Monday - Friday 5:00pm -8:00pm , Saturday 10am -6pm
    • Our Esthetician program offers a comprehensive and in-depth training on the rejuvenation and care of the skin. Our curriculum blends both European techniques with American technology to ensure our future professionals are equipped with the expertise to become sought after industry specialists. While most schools only offer this level of training by taking post-graduate esthetics courses,  Couture Beauty Academy commits to your early success. Our curriculum covers a variety of skin care techniques ranging from facials, chemical exfoliation, hair removal, microdermabrasion and more.

    • Access to industry leaders

    • Smaller classes and more individual attention

    • Strong academic standards

    • High expectations of professionalism

    • Connect studies with the real world

    • Completion Time

    • Completion time depends on the schedule the student chooses and attends regularly. Based on a Full-Time schedule, the normal time frame of completion would be 6 months. The Part-Time Day schedule time frame of completion would be 9 months. The Part-Time Evening Schedule time frame of completion would be 9 months.

Start Dates

Day, Evening and Hybrid Programs 
January 16, 2023
February 6, 2023
March 6, 2023
April 3, 2023
May 1, 2023
June 5, 2023
July 3, 2023
August 1, 2023
September 4, 2023
October 2, 2023
November 6, 2023
December 4, 2023

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Course Details


  • Health, Safety & Sciences

  • Industry Concepts

  • Spa Orientation

  • Medical Concepts (chemical peels & advanced treatments)

  • Body Treatments

  • Machine Operations

  • Specialized skin analysis. 

  • Corrective facial therapies. 

  • Skin cleansing with all methods available on the market. 

  • Acne treatments. 

  • Different exfoliation methods and deep cleansing, including extractions. 

  • Mask application according to skin type and skin conditions. 

  • Sunspot and hyper-pigmentation treatments. 

  • Skincare equipment including iontophoresis, desincrustation, high frequency, rotary brush and steam/vaporization. 

  • Manual lymph drainage for the face and neck. 

  • Microdermabrasion. 

  • Chemical peels. 

  • LED photo and light therapy. 

  • Introduction to laser therapy. 

  • Use of advanced skin care equipment. 

  • In-depth anatomy, dermatology, chemistry, product ingredients, physics and electricity. 

  • Hair removal with hard wax and wax strips. 

  • Eyebrow shaping using tweezing techniques and waxing. 

  • Eyelash and eyebrow tinting. 

  • Sanitation practices for the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation state board examination. 

  • Student Kits 
  • Students will receive a site  connect to classroom , an  Jacket, makeup kit and an esthetician kit with all the necessary instruments and materials to perform the required services.

  • Kits are provided to every student and are subject to change

  •  Classroom Machines

  • Students learn how to perform treatments using the following:

  • Hydrodermabrasion

  • Microdermabrasion

  • Microcurrent (Face)

  • LED (Light Emitting Diodes)

  • Infrared Lamp

  • Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber (Ultrasound)

  • Brush Machine

  • Vacuum Spray Machine (Lymphatic drainage with the aid of machines)

  • High Frequency (Indirect and Direct)

  • Galvanic



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(832)425-6230  THOMAS

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