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Eyelash Extension
TDLR Program Plus Advance Techniques 

  • Course Hours:

    • ​320 Hours​​

    • Tuition :

    • ​$2,700 TDLR Program + $ 1,000 Advances Techniques

    • Digital Site Learning and Proffesional Lash Supplies kit,  jacket  :$500 

    • Total Fee : 4,200

  • Attendance:

    • 10a.m - 4p.m., Monday-Friday .

    • 5pm -8pm Monday-Friday , 10am-6pm Saturday

    • Approximately three months to complete.

    • or Student can make their own Schedule

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Course Overview


In this program, students will learn basic procedures as well as rules, laws,  preparation, equipment, implements and supplies used to provide eyelash extension services, preparing them for the state board examination, including: 

  • Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation rules and laws. 

  • First aid and adverse reactions. 

  • Sanitation and contagious diseases. 

  • Safety + disinfection

  • Product selection

  • One-by-one classic lash application

  • Instructions for using different adhesives

  • Eye + facial anatomy

  • Lash styling

  • The structure of the eye

  • Contraindications

  • Marketing

  • Lashes and related products

  • Tweezer selection for classic + Volume techniques

  • Removal techniques

  • Eyelash growth cycles and selection. 

  • Chemistry of products supplies, materials and related equipment.  

  • Eyelash extension isolation and separation. 

  • Eye shapes. 

  • Professional image and salon management

Basic EyeLash Extensions TDLR Program 

After you have completed your Basic Lash Training Course , and feel confident in the process your next step is the Advanced Volume Lash Extensions Class.  This next step in your career is pivotal taking you from novice to expert.  The Advanced Volume Lash Extension Class will teach you how to add volume to each individual lash.  The procedure also allows clients to go a full 4-6 weeks before needing a fill.  


The Advanced Volume Course also provides training in bottom lash application giving your clients a more dramatic, individualized result. 

Advance Techniques 

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

A hybrid set is perfect for those looking to get a fuller, more dramatic look without having to commit to the upkeep and cost of volume lashing. Combining both classic and volume lashing techniques, hybrid sets provide more texture and body than what can be achieved through one method alone. The natural lashes are mixed with the application of 1:1 single extensions as well as fans of 2-8D pre-made lash extensions. This creates a multi-dimensional look that still looks natural while providing an overall fuller appearance.

Hybrid sets are great for clients who cannot afford the maintenance requirements of a full set of volume lashes, but still want something more dramatic than classic sets. They also allow technicians in training to gain speed while practicing their technique in applying both classic and volumized fans.

Volume Eyelash Extensions

Unlike traditional eyelash extensions, which typically last anywhere from four to eight weeks, volume eyelash extensions can last up to six weeks with proper maintenance and care. The process of having volume lash extensions applied takes about two hours and should be done by an experienced technician who is specially trained in this technique. The technician will use tweezers to carefully place several lightweight synthetic mink or silk lashes onto each individual natural lash.

When applied properly and cared for correctly, volume eyelash extensions create a stunningly beautiful look that is guaranteed to make heads turn! This method uses multiple extensions across all natural lashes (NL). Volume denominations used are 2d (2 extensions to 1 NL), 3d (3 extensions to 1 NL), 4d (4 extensions to 1 NL), etc. Primarily in volume lashing, 0.06, 0.07, and 0.10 extensions are used. A variety of denominations can be used in a set, to both accomodate for weaker natural lashes, as well as to help disguise gaps or flaws in the lash line.

Mega Volume Eyelash Extensions

Mega volume lash extensions offer a unique alternative for those seeking an eye-catching look without the hassle of applying multiple coats of mascara or spending time curling lashes every day. With mega volume lashes, you can enjoy dark, defined eyes in seconds with minimal effort. Plus, these extensions come in various lengths and colors so you can customize them to fit your individual style. Whether you’re looking for extra length or added thickness, mega volume lash extensions provide an easy way to achieve stunning results.
Wispy  Volume  Lash extensions
Wispy classic and Volume lash extensions are taking the beauty industry by storm! Whether you’re looking to add a bit of drama or just enhance your natural beauty, these two types of lash extensions offer something special that traditional lashes can't. Wispy classic lashes provide a straightforward and subtle look. These lightweight synthetic lashes are applied one-by-one onto your own natural eyelashes, giving them a fuller appearance without looking too heavy. On the other hand, volume lash extensions use multiple ultra-lightweight synthetic fibres to create an intensified, fuller look that has more depth than traditional eyelash extensions. Each volume lash is created from 3-4 lightweight strands that are individually applied onto each natural eyelash for maximum impact. With either method, you can expect longer lasting results as well as consistent colouring and curl retention over time with proper maintenance.


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