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100% brand new and good quality.
Adopting high quality non-toxic material, this will be safe to skin and durable to use.
Help to accurately position in eyebrow shaping and get a pair of symmetrical satisfaction brows.
With thi?s caliper, it could be more accurate for those who are in the beginning stages of the permanent makeup eyebrow and lip.
Adjustable size allows it to measure various kinds of eyebrows and paint the most suitable eyebrow shape.
Fordable design, easy to carry and convenient to use.
Function: Locate eyebrow shape, measuring tool.
Material: Metal.

1. Location:
To the edge of the nose and two eyebrows to determine the location of an isosceles triangle.
2. Shaping:
Eyebrow Department can be based on each person's face to bend in order to achieve the perfect fit the needs of the face
3. Extension:
The use of magnesium alloy can be repeated more than 100,000 times to ensure that each customer has their own eyebrows.

Eyebrow Caliper 3-Point Position Ruler

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